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Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 Melbourne, Australia

Apply for Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

Student guardian Visa subclass 590 is a temporary type of visa that allows you to travel to Australia to care for and support a child studying in Australia under the age of 18.

With this visa, you can stay in Australia until the date stated in your visa letter or until the child reaches the age of 18. With this visa, you can take care of more than one child. Visa 590 Australia will only be issued to you if you are the parent of a student studying in Australia under the age of 18, a career, or a qualified relative aged 21 and over.

With this visa, you can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want until this visa subclass expires. This visa subclass also allows you to extend your visa applications for additional student care visas. With visa subclass 590 you can also study an intensive English course for international students (ELICOS) without 20 hours per week or sign up for any course or training that does not last longer than 3 to a month.

Eligibility Criteria Student Guardian Visa

The subclass 590 visa is a temporary visa available to the guardian of a student for the purpose of taking care and providing support to the child while his study in Australia. A 590 visa Australia is provided only in case the Visa subclass 590 eligibility criteria is followed and accomplished. The following points make up the eligibility criteria:
  1. Have a certain visa. You may be inside or outside Australia but can be eligible for visa only if you already hold a substantive visa, except for one of these:
      • Domestic Worker (Temporary) Diplomatic and Consular visa (subclass 426)
      • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403) in the Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or consular) stream
      • Diplomatic (Temporary) visa (subclass 995) – primary visa holder only. A family member of a
      • Diplomatic (Temporary) visa (subclass 995) can apply for a student visa in Australia
      • Transit visa (subclass 771)
      • Visitor visa (subclass 600) in the Sponsored Family stream or in the Approved Destination Status stream
    • Be a parent, a custodian or a relative. You must be the parent of a student holding a student visa, or a person having the student’s custody or student’s relative who is aged 21 years or more and should be nominated by the student’s parent in writing.
    • Have adequate health insurance: If you obtain this visa, you must maintain adequate health insurance during your stay. Your insurance must cover medically necessary treatment, including transport.
    • Have no debt to the Australian Government:
    • You must prove to us that you have enough money to pay for your stay in Australia to cover the costs and expenses of yourself, your family members and, in most cases, the holder.
    • You will have to make appropriate and adequate arrangements for the children and other family members not travelling with you to Australia and provide evidence for the same.
    • You might not be granted this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia. Check if visa cancellation affects your eligibility.

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