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Employer Nomination Direct Entry (subclass 186)

As the name indicates, this stream permits employers directly nominate their workers for permanent residence without negotiating a labor Agreement.

Two stages to Direct Entry Process are:

  1. Employer will first lodge a nomination application indicating the position and the person they are nominating.
  2. Then, Employer lodges a visa application. Both the nomination and visa application can be lodged on the same day, but consideration will be given to nomination first, and its approval is required before the approval of visa application.

This visa permits you

  • Stay permanently in Australia.
  • Study or work in Australia.
  • Entitled to enroll for Medicare (Australia’s public healthcare scheme).
  • Sponsor your relatives to come to Australia.
  • Travel: Travel inside or outside Australia for 5 years. In case you want to travel after the initial 5 year’s travel facility.
  • Apply for citizenship (if eligible). Newly arrived residents may have to wait to access benefits of Australian Government.
Duration of Stay:
  •  As it is a permanent visa, you can stay for an indefinite time.
  • Your permanent residence starts on the day of the grant of the visa.

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