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Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 445) in Australia

Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 445)

The Temporary visa, the dependent child visa (subclass 445), is for children whose parents hold a temporary partner visa that does not include the child. If this visa is issued, the child must also apply for a partner permanent residence visa before the partner parent’s permanent residence visa can be determined.

If the applicant obtains the Child Visa Subclass 445, the child can travel to and from Australia or reside there. An applicant who is successful under this visa procedure will have the right to reside in Australia until the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision on the parent’s permanent partner visa application.

This visa can be granted only if you can show one of the following for a child younger than 18 years of age:

  • You have the written consent of each person legally determining the whereabouts of the child.
  • The laws of the child’s home country permit the removal of the child.
  • This corresponds to every child request in Australia.

Eligibility of Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 802)

For a child to be eligible under 445 dependent child visa Australia, he/she must-
  • Have a parent who has a suitable visa and is dependent on them
  • Sponsored by the person who is funded or nominated for their parent’s permanent partner application.
  • Sponsorship must be accepted before the visa application is lodged
  • Be under or over 18 years and financially dependent on the parent who has the temporary Partner or Dependent Child visa.
  • Must meet Australian health and character requirements
  • Are sponsored by the same person who is sponsoring the child’s parent.
  • Be single, they must not be married, or in a relationship or engaged to be married.
  • Meet the basic health requirements.
  • Be of good character to enter or remain in Australia.
The sponsor of the child must The sponsor must:
  • Also, sponsor the child’s visa-holding parent
  • Be prepared to sponsor the child and any of the child’s family members also included in the application and who might be migrating with the child
  • Provide support for the child, including ensuring the provision of accommodation and providing financial assistance required to meet the child’s reasonable living needs during their first two years in Australia (if the child is applying overseas)

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