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Partner visa

Partner Permanent Visa (subclass 801)

801 Subclass (2nd stage of 820 visa which is a Permanent visa once you get 820 visa you can remain in Australia for 2 years and this visa could be granted offshore and onshore)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must hold a (subclass 820) (temporary) Partner visa.
  • You must continue to be in relationship with spouse or de facto partner unless your relationship has broken off under special situations.
  • You must be married legally to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Applicant need to have been in a de facto relationship (if not married) for a minimum of 12 months before lodging application, unless you have registered your relationship or there are circumstances enough to wave the 12-month requirement.
  • No matter what kind of relationship (either married or de facto) you must clarifies:
    • Your relationship is real and enduring.
    • Your relationship is mutually beneficial.
    • You live together, or you don’t live separately.
    • Abide by all Australian laws while on your temporary visa.
    • Maybe you need to provide extra documentation for processing of this visa, after 2 years of submitting your temporary partner visa.
  • Have paid Outstanding debt (if any) to the Australian Government:
    • If applicant or any family member of the applicant owe any debt to the Australian Government,
    • It must be paid back

This visa permits you

  •  Dwell and do job in Australia until decided upon Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801)
  • Entitled to enroll in study course (Without Government Aid)
  • Enroll for Medicare (Australia’s public healthcare scheme)
  • Include dependent children (must be in Australia at the time of lodge of application) on your application.
  • Enroll in free English Language classes up to 510 hours.
  • To travel and from Australia as persistently as you wish.

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