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Parents visa

Parent visas are available to applicants who have one or more eligible children in the country as eligible Australian citizens, permanent residents or New Zealand citizens. This Australian family visa immigration category is mandatory and is sponsored by children residing in this country.

Parent Australian visas are issued for both working and aged kinds. Applicants who migrate on this visa option can work in Australia. Very few parental visas are initially offered for temporary processing, which can be changed to permanent based on your application. There is a “contributory parent visa” option that guarantees faster immigration processing, albeit at a higher cost.

It may be noted that every year Australian immigration authorities issue a limited number of parent visas. For this reason, there is a request queue and you can wait your turn.

If You Are In Australia

  • Contributory Parent (Migrant) visa (subclass 143)
    • This is a permanent residence visa for parents of children living in Australia. This visa costs more than a parent visa, but is generally faster to process.
  • Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 173)
    • This is a temporary visa valid for two years for parents of children living in Australia. If you have this visa, you can apply for the permanent Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143).
  • Contributory Parent (Migrant) visa (from subclass 173 to subclass 143)
    • If you are a Temporary Contributing Parent (Subclass 173) visa holder and want to apply for a Permanent Contributing Parent (Subclass 143) visa, this is for you. This visa can be applied for in Australia.

While these are the major categories of the parent visa for Australia, the Australian Immigration Department has now stopped accepting applications for the following visas:

  • Aged Parent (Residence) visa (subclass 804).
  • Parent (Migrant) visa (subclass 103).

Family members of applicants who lodged their application before 2 June 2014 might be able to be added to the application before a decision is made on their visa.

At SMGG Group Consultants, we provide visa assessment, advice and processing for all types of parent visas and other family visas. Years of industry experience and extensive research into Australian immigration rules and regulations have made us a trusted and trusted institution. 

We not only provide visa processing services, but also want your immigration to be smooth in terms of cultural assimilation. We will prepare you for different aspects of the new culture so that you can deal with it comfortably and easily.

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