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Migration Skills Assessment in Melbourne, Australia

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Migration Skills Assessment in Melbourne, Australia

Who is Migration Skills Assessment?
Migration Skills Assessment is a process done by the respective occupation’s skill-assessing authority to evaluate the qualifications and job experience. Positive Skills assessments are evidence provided by the Australian Department of Home Affairs that you meet the Australian standard and can work according to the occupation you claim.

Skills assessments are necessary for people who desire to apply for permanent residency or a temporary visa. So, if your plan is to apply for PR or a temporary visa, go for a skills assessment today!

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Migration skills assessment is done considering four occupation lists:


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Migration Skills Assessment

Applicants must qualify for the conditions required by the assessing authority for their respective occupation. To get the positive skills assessment applicant should have the required knowledge and experience. There should be a correlation between your occupation and work experience because if there is a difference between your qualification and work experience, the skill assessment authority may deduct more years than required.

It is a bit time-consuming process; after application submission, it may take upto 30 working days. Working days means it excludes weekends, public holidays, end-of-year closures etc.

First and most important regarding the documents is that all the documents should be in the English language, not other languages that are accepted by the skills assessing authority. To get the positive skills assessment, it is necessary to submit the documents to the skill assessment authority of the respective occupation. Hence, your documents should prove your qualification and experience. Here is the brief list of documents required for migration skills assessment:

  • Electronic confirmation of enrolment
  • GTE
  • Valid Country Passport
  • Photographs
  • Identity Proof which may include your Birth certificate, ID card
  • Documents of Educational Qualification
  • Proof of Employment, i.e. offer letter of your organisation, Salary Slips, and Bank Statement
  • English language proficiency Score Card (IELTS Academic, PTE Academic or TOEFL iBT)
  • Proof of employment (offer letter, pay slips and bank statements)
  • Roles and Responsibilities are mentioned on the company’s letterhead.

Fees may vary depending on skills assessment categories. The fee for skills assessment is non-refundable and required to pay when you lodge the application.

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